6 Guest Blogging Best Practices that Bring Results

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Guest blogging or contributing continues to be a method that many writers use today on the internet. It’s important that you follow guest blogging best practices if you wish to maximize your effort. Guest Blogging Best Practices

The number one reason is building backlinks to your website. Let’s not kid each other, this is the mindset of most bloggers. A backlink from a high ranking authoritative site holds some weight, and is valuable to a blogger. This helps you in search. In theory, the more authoritative sites linking to your blog, the better.

Depending on the site and the corresponding traffic for your guest post, you’re likely to see a bump in visitors to your website. Authoritative sites will generally have good social exposure and your content will reach more eyeballs than it would on your little blog. It’s great promo for all bloggers.

Of course, like everything in life, a good thing can be ruined quickly by some. As Matt Cutts (Head of Google Webspam) describes, abuse of these methods has negative results.

Follow these guest blogging best practices and you’ll be on your way to fruitful and rewarding experience.

1. Original Content Only

This seems obvious to most, but without excuse your submitted content must be original. Don’t send a duplicate published post of yours or of another writer’s in as your guest post.

Most sites will check your content through copyscape or some other tool to check for authenticity. Spinning and duplication are attempts to beat the system. You’ll just hurt your blog if you go down this path.

2. Follow Guest Blogging Instructions

Most sites that accept posts from guest bloggers will have instructions to follow like provide three links of your published work. Please follow them exactly. They are there for a reason. You have to realize that larger sites receive a ton of guest blogging requests.

If the writer doesn’t follow instructions their content generally lands in the trash folder. On DashBurst, for example, we have specific questions to answer for guest blogging opportunities. Following the instruction will dramatically increase your acceptance rate.

3. Personalize Your Request

Take a minute to find a name on the site, if it isn’t obvious, and address your request appropriately. Your e-mail should be original and personalized. The following are just lazy, and you’re likely to find yourself in that crowded trash folder.

a. Dear Webmaster: (can you feel the chill)
b. To Whom it May Concern (somewhat polite, but still not working)
c. Hi, (ok and)
d. I read your blog all the time and feel this would be a good fit (obvious form letter)
e. Please choose one of the articles listed (all unrelated to the site)

Do not e-mail blast to blogs that accept guest posts. This is not the place for a blast. Make a connection and build a relationship. Stay away from the communication shortcuts.

4. Patience

You’ve come up with a blog post that is going to change the world. “Why hasn’t it been published yet? I submitted it 20 minutes ago.” You need to be patient. Your idea or post will be viewed assuming you’ve followed instructions to this point.

While following up once is warranted if you haven’t heard anything, refrain from multiple messages. Most of the larger sites have a large pool of content to choose from, so don’t be a thorn. There will be times where the writing, topic, or some other variable doesn’t fit for that site. It happens to everyone. Don’t be discouraged. There are a plenty of opportunities.

Once your idea or post has been accepted you will generally be given login credentials or instructions on how to submit.

5. Put Forth Your Best Effort

We always hear write epic content. In our zest to reach utopia, we often fall short. Your goal should be to create solid output. Make sure your post flows and is easy to read.

Most big sites will do a fine tune edit. They won’t rewrite your post. Make sure it’s crisp and clean. Check your grammar, spelling, and typos. The less the site has to do in editing, the better. It will increase your chances to be on the big stage again. You should feel really good when you hit send or submit.

6. Share the published post on your social networks

The day has come for your post to be published. Let the world know about your post. Don’t be shy. Share it on all the major social networks you are on at least once, and a few times on Twitter over the next few days. While the site will share, it benefits both the site and yourself to share as well.

Incorporate these guest blogging best practices and enjoy the experience.

If you are interested in contributing to Social Media Stir please apply here. We would love to have you aboard.

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